Q. What is student centred learning?

A. The programme is planned around your needs. We work with you to identify your strengths and your learning goals. We plan a programme around you so that your needs are easily met.


Q. I like learning in the evening.  Can I come along then?

A. Possibly – we try our hardest to work with what suits you.  Ring us for a chat to discuss.


Q. I am in my late fifties.  Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

A. Always, you are never too old to learn. Education is life-long.


Q. Will it cost me anything?

A. There is no direct cost to you as the learner, although we do expect you to contact us if you can’t make it to your lesson.


Q. I currently work – can you still help me?

A. Yes! We aim to help everyone. If your boss is OK with it, we can even come and help you in your workplace, or, work with you out of work time in our classroom.