Welcome to the Literacy South Canterbury Feedback page. We welcome your comments as they help us check we're doing a great job.

1. How much did you learn while you were here?
2. The work I was given was . . .?
3. Please tell us about your tutor.  You can choose more than one of the following . . .
4. Choose the best words to describe the resources and equipment.  You can choose more than one.
5. I have developed new skills to achieve my goals.
6. I am more confident in helping others with their learning.
7. I have improved my chances of getting work.
8. I have improved my chances of furthering my education.
9. I am more hopeful about my future.
10. What could be changed to improve the programme?
11. What could YOU have done to make your learning more successful?
12. Would you recommend the programme to other people?  Choose from 1 - Not Likely to 5 - Most Likely.
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